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Chef Alton Green presents: How to Cook
for the Dinner and Gaming Table

Welcome to Flavor Text Adventures!

Adventure comes in all shapes, sizes, and of course... flavors!

Who am I? I'm the one and only, the exquisite, illustrious, daring, and let's not forget fabulous, Chef Alton Green. 

At your service.

I've spent my distinguished career as a professional chef both not just in the kitchen, but the dungeon as well. And I'm here to tell you that all (well, most) of those monsters us adventurers slay on a daily basis are actually rather delicious!

Flavor Text Adventures are my memoirs, from years of adventuring and cooking. Join me as I share with you exciting tales of daring-do, and delectable recipes for your dinner and gaming tables.

Every chapter of Flavor Text Adventures contains:

*A short story of my encounter with a deadly monster, and how I and my friends bravely (or accidentally) defeated it.


*D&D 5e compatible gaming content, taking the story and recipe and bringing them right into the game with you! Want to know what eating a cave troll or a murder hornet will do to your party? Read on...

*A real-life monster-themed delicious recipe with detailed photo instructions, for you to cook for your gaming group!

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D&D 5e Game Content

Alton Green isn't just a chef, he's also a storyteller, and he wants you to be one too!
Every chapter has D&D 5e compatible rules section that includes inspiration for DM's wanting to turn Alton's story into more fleshed out scenarios, as well as a variety of delightful "vittles" such as...


*How to cook the monster-of-the-month in-game, as well as the effects of eating it.

*Magic items, npc's, and new monsters from Alton's story

*Maps and other cool art, drawn by Alton himself in his journal

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Unique Recipes

What better way to make your game more immersive than actually eating the monsters your party vanquishes?

Every chapter features a delicious, professionally designed, monster-themed recipe.

Step-by-step photo instructions make the cooking a breeze, though some recipes, such as the Chimeracle, are not for faint of heart!

You can fight your monster, and eat it too!

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our first chapter
"Cave Troll"

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